Rihanna’s too raunchy!

So the latest news has it that Rihanna’s latest video for We Found Love; a track she produced with the ever so talented Calvin Harris is in fact banned from France before 10pm. Sources have revealed that the French believe that the content of her video is far too explicit to be shown on prime … Continue reading

Cheryl Cole bounces back as a blonde bombshell?

It’s so true what they say – whenever something awful or stressful has happened in a woman’s life, the major part of coming back stronger usually involves some element of a makeover – clothes, attitude, and even her hair. Cheryl Cole has gone through various different shades and chops from a chavvy blonde look when … Continue reading

My must-visit fashion and beauty stores in USA

Whenever I go to the US, I always hate coming back home – usually due to the great weather, the politeness and kindness of the people around me and just the general fact I LOVE USA. When I first started taking vacations (or holidays if you’re British) over there, I noticed how different the fashion … Continue reading

Where fashion and beauty meet in Accessories

A week ago I came back from a one week break in sunny Florida, USA. My goodness, after the 100 degrees of weather we had almost every day, it’s no surprise why they’re called the sunshine state. So for the next while, I’ll be incorporating some of the thing’s I’ve found interesting from across the … Continue reading