The world is going Gaga!

So it looks like anyone and everyone among the A-Listers are currently channeling their inner-Gaga. Whether it’s her unique fashion sense, statuesque hats and fascinators, alarming shoes, or obscure accessories, Lady Gaga has become a true fashion icon for many. Check out who are the latest celebs to strut their stuff, and learn where you can buy similar products to convey your own Gaga-esque look:


Now this gorgeous beauty has collaborated with the star for couple of tracks, so it’s only right to assume that after being a part of the Gaga-world of music videos and artistry, a little bit would naturally rub off on her:

Beyonce in New York

Lady Gaga wearing rounded sunglasses













Now for a woman who’s just post-birth a couple of months ago, I’d say Beyonce now has a post-baby stunning figure. She’s not afraid to show it to the world with such a rainbow bright outfit, teamed with Gaga-esque sunglasses and a black fedora style hat. If you like the Elton-John round glasses, you can purchase yourself a pair from Topshop for around £22.


Sunglasses, £22, Topshop

Katy Perry
Maybe she just likes the fashion, or maybe she was making a bold statement as this was her first appearance after signing the dreaded divorce papers between herself and Russell Brand. Whatever the deal, our beloved California Gurl singer sure did make a hell of an entrance wearing this rather large fascinator which matched her dress:

Lady Gaga wearing fascinator

Katy Perry's first appearance since signing divorce papers













I’ve got to admit, I don’t honestly think anyone other than Perry could really pull off something like this, and that’s because she’s known to stand out in a crowd. Unfortunately, I’m going to have to pass on finding a “similar” version for you all. I can’t say I’ve seen anyone wearing one of these on the commuter tubes around London. Although good luck to Katy, she’s doing well and looking bloomin’ marvelous!


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