Rihanna’s too raunchy!

So the latest news has it that Rihanna’s latest video for We Found Love; a track she produced with the ever so talented Calvin Harris is in fact banned from France before 10pm.

Sources have revealed that the French believe that the content of her video is far too explicit to be shown on prime time television. Considering we’re supposed to be in quite a liberal society now, it’s quite a shame that it’s still considered taboo to show such real topics to youngsters, for fear they’ll just imitate what they see.

Whilst the production does include some quite deep topics such as drug and alcohol misuse, along with shoplifting and an abusive relationship, it has been implied that this song really is a representation of her detrimental relationship with former boyfriend Chris Brown.

When the singer performed the track live on both the US and UK X Factors there was a distinct difference between the stage productions. The US one appeared closely linked to her video, whilst the UK production seemed to be severely tamed down, with her making a slight mockery of the “innocent” factor. This could have something to do with the fact that when she performed last year, her performance was considered “too sexy” for the time of the show, again taking a similar attitude to the French.

Rihanna X Factor USA 2011

Rihanna - X Factor UK 2011

Rihanna - X Factor 2010

The fact is Rihanna can pull off a sexy, diva look without coming across tacky. Her ever-changing hair colour proves she is a trend-setter, with millions of women all over heading to their salons to ask for a the recent shades of red. At only 23, the singer is already a world class act, only set to get bigger and better.

 Rihanna is currently appearing in the UK on her Loud Tour 2011.


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