The perks of being a Celeb Stylist

Hollywood fashionista Rachel Zoe is probably one of the luckiest new mums alive. Not only is she stylist to the A-Listers including Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Garner and Eva Mendes, she’s constantly surrounded by gorgeous designer products. And now, so is her son Skyler.

Rachel Zoe with hubby Rodger Berman and son, Skyler at his first red carpet appearance

After being spotted wearing a Missonni sweater last month, baby Skyler is already building up his designer wardrobe. Louis Vuitton sent the infant a customized version of the brand’s iconic Speedy bag. With monogrammed initials on the side, this gorgeous bag is worth a staggering $1,100.

Customised Speedy by Louis Vuitton for baby Skyler

Celeb culture certainly has its perks – usually those who are wealthy enough to be able to afford such items get given them for free – Skyler will quickly learn how fab his mum’s job is.

Another celeb-come-fashion designer, Victoria Beckham recently designed a one-off feminine bag for Selfridges Christmas 2011 range, worth a whopping £8,995.

One-off Victoria Beckham handbag for Selfridges

I wonder if she’ll now consider a bag for babies, or bring out a kids range now she’s finally got her little princess, Harper? She does look ever so cute in the released pic of her with mummy Victoria!

Victoria Beckham with her daughter, Harper Seven Beckham


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