Amy Winehouse: A great loss to music and to fashion

Yesterday, news struck the entire world that the music artist Amy Winehouse, 27, was found dead in her home in London. It is a great loss, not only to her family and friends, but the music industry and even the fashion label, Fred Perry. She has had great successes on both sides of the Atlantic and had an individual signature style herself.

Amy Winehouse

Recognisable for her beehive hair do, thick black eye liner and her unique 1950s style, Amy Winehouse was not only a talented young singer, but also a trend setter.

In 2010, it was reported that she had entered into a partnership with the fashion brand Fred Perry to create a capsule collection of womenswear for the label. It seemed like it was the perfect match since Amy herself was often seen sporting Fred Perry signature polo shirts – modernising her historical look into a preppy finish.

The first collection was available in October 2010 and consisted of 17 products, ranging from pencil skirts, twin sets, mini dresses and polo shirts – all available in a black and pink colour scheme. The brand were thrilled to have her on board, with their Marketing Director, Richard Martin, commenting that Amy’s unique style “reflects the brand’s own historical reference points.” It was a fashion concept which was due to continue for 4 seasons. However, unknown at the moment is how far along the brand are with producing her additional lines – or if they will be continued, or perhaps not even begun. While it was only her first fashion project, these lines showed a growing potential, and it wouldn’t have been surprising if she continued into fashion as time went on.

Following in the footsteps on the likes of Victoria Beckham, a former Spice Girl and currently successful fashion designer, Amy Winehouse is a girl who knew what she wanted and wouldn’t settle for anything less.

A couple of lines still currently available to purchase can be seen at

Herringbone Wool Mix Pencil Skirt, £80


Interlaced moccasin stitched shoe, £50

Both of these products are available in the Fred Perry by Amy Winehouse range. Given the latest news, I wouldn’t be surprised if these sell out pretty quickly. Get yours before they’re sold out.

RIP to a great artist. My thoughts are with her family and friends.


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