Office Summer Chic

Its mid April (a time once where I remember only ever seeing weeks of rain) and surprisingly the weather outside is a scorching 26 degrees *fans self*. I had an interview this morning and couldn’t face the thought of once again putting on my trusty dark coloured dress and black tights. So instead I went … Continue reading

Is the best, most “fashionable” way not to burn this summer to cover up?

I think Nigella took this a little bit to an extreme, don’t you think? Correct me if I’m wrong, but I would have thought black absorbs heat even more than any other colour? I don’t think this will catch on very soon sadly, sorry Ms. Lawson! Girls, I think we’d best just stick to our … Continue reading

Add a little bit of colour and a little bit of height

For a long time I would stare in the shop window at these beauties thinking, wow if only my budget could stretch to those. Then last weekend I had a friends birthday to go to and went on the hunt for a new outfit. I speedily marched down Oxford Street in search of something that … Continue reading

The Royal Surprise

Apologies for the long gap since first creating this blog – unfortunately I’ve been so tied down with work, trying to sort out my life (namely my career) and figuring out my next steps. However, all is not lost. I’m back now, so where shall we start? Well the questions on everyone’s lips seems to … Continue reading